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Free Software in Education NEWS – January

Here’s what I collected in January. If you come accross anything that might be worth mentioning in this series, please drop me a note, dump it in this pad or even better: drop it on the edu-eu mailinglist!

FSFE Edu-Team activities

We are still working on the edu pages on FSFE although I […]

Free Software in Education news – July 2013

FSFE Edu-Team activities Sebastian warns in a blog post to put the cost argument in front My last edu news summary was well received on the edu-eu mailinglist and let to the idea of creating an edu news planet. Anybody interested to join? We are working on updating the NLEDU campaign page as there […] Updates for 2013-01-22

Installed !fedora 18 #xfce over the weekend. Anybody out there who uses #exim #smarthost #ssl #smtp? Can’t get it to work… # @gniibe Not necessarily. Just have been using exim for ages on debian & was hoping to keep my .forward file. Thanks for the tip! # I’ll have a look at #msmtp anyhow. […]

EURO2012 final: Spain vs. Norway

What began in August 2010 with an idea ends today with a winner. I have no time to write much more than the bare result:

Spain vs. Norway 4:3

I decided for Spain firstly for the same reason Norway won in the semi final, more data in the wiki, and secondly for the same reason […]

Euro2012 in Free Software: Semi-finals

Once again, due to travelling, I was out of internet connectivity for the last few days and couldn’t post the results on the day of the corresponding UEFA games. Sorry for keeping you waiting.

This match was actually not too hard to decide on: France vs Spain: 3:4

Iceland vs Norway in contrast was hard. […]

EURO2012 in Free Software quarter final: Norway vs. Estonia

The last quarter final in our EURO2012 in Free Software. Here is the data we’ve gathered in the wiki:

Norway: public administration and education

Estonia: public administration and unfortunately no data regarding education

Did you follow the links? Can it be any more difficult than that? So, we have on Norways side:

Obligatory IT standards […]

Euro2012 in Free Software – Group B results

Welcome again to another day of the EURO2012 for Free Software! Here are the results of Group B in the final round:

Norway Netherlands 4 3 Norway Russia 3 4 Norway Malta 3 2 Netherlands Russia 4 5 Netherlands Malta 3 2 Russia Malta 4 2

The table looks like this:


Team Pld W […]

EURO2012 in Free Software qualification – Latvia catching up

Baltic Sea waterfront / Ventspils, Latvia (cc-by-sa by anjči)

After the EURO2012 in Free Software continued yesterday, we have twelve other matches to look at today. Israel vs. Latvia was especially interesting because Latvia caught up just recently and was able to beat the best country in this group so far. Thus, chances are […]

Free Software in education: October – December 2010

Here’s a little summary again of what I found noteworthy in the field of Free Software in education in the last few months of this year in no particular order:

After Sam Tuke informed the edu-eu mailinglist about (k)mando recently, it was quickly put into a debian paket by Georges Khaznadar from OFSET. I’m still […]

EURO 2012 qualification day 3

Another day of the qualification of the UEFA EURO 2012 in regards to Free Software usage and Open Standards came to its end. Most interesting to me was the match Norway vs. Portugal. On the wiki page for public administration, Portugal looks much weaker than Norway, but we have a lot of good news from […]