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Kurzer Bericht von der Veranstaltung “Recht auf informationelle Selbstbestimmung?”

Gestern trafen sich sehr kurzfristig zwei Fellows und Kollegin um die Veranstaltung “Recht auf informationelle Selbstbestimmung?” mit Constanze Kurz und Peter Schaar in Frankfurt zu besuchen. Jan Philipp Albrecht war ebenfalls als Podiums-Gast angekündigt, konnte aber leider nicht kommen.

Für Leute, die sich mit dem Thema beschäftigen, gab es nicht so viel Neues, aber es […]

#ilovefs Thank you to Carsten Dominic and Bastien Guerry, developers of org-mode

Today is “I love Free Software Day” again. I used to have a little more to say on this occasion, but on the other hand there is not much more to say:

This year, my thanks go to Carsten Dominik, Bastien Guerry and all the others who helped them developing org-mode which made my […]

Working on FSFE’s education pages

In this post I want to share what is currently being discussed in the edu-team to get some more feedback to what the edu pages should look like. Please submit any comment or suggestion below, per email to the edu-team or this public etherpad.

The last thing we changed on the pages was the mission […]

Fellowship Meeting in Darmstadt

Last Wednesday, we finished our first round around Frankfurt with our Fellowship meeting in Darmstadt. Twelve Free Software enthusiasts met at Kneipe 41 and had delicious Pizza and drinks. I’ll list a fraction of the various topics below. On top of all the interesting things we discussed, it was a lot of fun again!

After […]

Free Software in Education NEWS – January

Here’s what I collected in January. If you come accross anything that might be worth mentioning in this series, please drop me a note, dump it in this pad or even better: drop it on the edu-eu mailinglist!

FSFE Edu-Team activities

We are still working on the edu pages on FSFE although I […]