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My FSFE summit/QtCon

Yeah, I know it is already more than a month but I wanted to get this out for future reference. Here are some notes from my FSFE summit experience:

I couldn’t come any earlier so I arrived in Berlin on Friday night at about 1:00 (Saturday morning), got some hours of sleep and found my […]

As of now: comments are turned: off

I’ve always wanted to keep this blog open for comments, but I’ve been drowning in spam lately. So much, that I could easily miss a valid comment. So, leaving comments turned on wouldn’t provide me with your feed-back. Please continue to send it to me via email! My captcha to determine if you are human […]

♺ @openrheinruhr Wikipedia? …

♺ @openrheinruhr Wikipedia? Ist doch #irrelevant… #FSFE Fellow Rainer über die #Relevanzkriterien der dt. #Wikipedia:

new results for !euro4fs are o…

new results for !euro4fs are online:

!euro4fs qualification day 2 r…

!euro4fs qualification day 2 results are online:

@soerenk it’s about #FS not fo…

@soerenk it’s about #FS not food, but Belgium will win 4:3 tonight anyway !euro4fs btw: how can fries possibly beat beer?! 😉

#facebook sues start-up for us…

#facebook sues start-up for using ‘book’ in name Are they out of their minds?

♺ @fsfe’s @kirschner was int…

♺ @fsfe’s @kirschner was interviewed by #Dradio about “free does not mean gratis” (German) next #fs interview 27

heading to FrOSCon

heading to FrOSCon

EURO2012 in !fs qualifying: pr…

EURO2012 in !fs qualifying: preparing for day two !euro4fs !fsfe