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Free Software in Education Keynote at DORS/CLUC

I haven’t informed you about recent education news as I was busy preparing for talks about the same subject. The latest was at DORS/CLUC in Zagreb, a traditional FS event that celebrated its 22nd version! Wow, the only computing device I owned back then was a calculator when the first DORS/CLUG came to light.

I put the slides of the talk here and I hope that the video recording will be online soon as well.

Guido at DORC/CLUC

me at DORC/CLUC (by Sam Tuke)

I was happy to meet former FSFE employee Sam Tuke again who is saving the world now at Collabora and the Document Foundation. His keynote about the progress with LibreOffice was pretty impressive.

I also had the pleasure to meet Gijs Hillenius again. I wouldn’t be aware of most of the news I usually write about without him. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend his keynote as I had to leave on the same day.

I talked to people from an edu project in Croatia. I attended their talk even though I can’t understand Croatian, but it was enough to establish a first contact and we will stay in touch.

There is not much left to say but Thank you to Svebor from HrOpen and the rest of the crew who managed an awesome event! The only downside of that trip to Zagreb was that it was so short! But I think I got out most of it as I was even able to get into the sea during my 2 hours stop over in Split and instead of waiting 10 minutes on a cab at the venue, I had a little walk through Zagreb to the main station and had a glance at this beautiful city.  🙂

I was told how nice Croatians are before I went and can now confirm that this is true. I’m looking forward to the next DORS/CLUC!