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Report of the local FSFE meeting in Frankfurt on May 4

At the last FSFE meeting in Frankfurt, we planned to work mainly on the Free Software flyers which we adopted from the local group in Munich. Unfortunately, three of the six persons who showed up were not aware that this was meant to be a “workshop” and didn’t bring any equipment for it.

For the future, I guess we have to communicate this a little better. And as some time sensitive topics were added to the agenda we couldn’t work on the flyers as much as we wanted to.

FS Flyer

We did manage to get “something” done on the flyers though. Main topics and findings were:

  • What is important to people? How can we stress this on the intro page? (political aspects, security, gratis, usability, …)
  • The old (and tiring argument FS vs OS. I pointed to Björns article about the issue.
  • How to tackle common preconceptions like “it can’t be as good if it doesn’t cost anything”.
  • and we found a few outdated links and that Lightning calender is now part of Thunderbird

Workshops/Cryptoparty at insurance company

As a follow-up to a talk Michael Stehmann gave at an insurance company, we were asked if we could provide more workshops and talks related to Free Software as there seems some interest among the employees.

Linux Presentation Day

As agreed on earlier, we decided not to come up with our “own” events for LPD but rather support existing events in the area. This will not only bundle the limited resources for these events but also strengthen the network of active people.

Acitivites in a nearby school

There will be a “project week” in a nearby school. We may end up organizing a talk about FS and/or a cryptoparty.

Upcomming Workshop at the Goethe-University in Frankfurt

I’ve been invited to a workshop at the university to talk about Free Software in education and asked the participants for imput for this.


We summarized the discussions of the last few weeks about the closure of the FSFE office in Düsseldorf and related topics.


  •  FSFE wiki migration
  • Kolab can handle MS exchange
  • “half free” GNU/Linux distros and should they even be advertised
  • a little MS Windows bashing 🙂
  • Email encryption for mailinglists
  • de-mail
  • Steed

That’s what my notes reveal to me. The next meeting will take place on June 7 in Wiesbaden. We’ll visit the CCC MZ/WI on their “open day”.

See you then!