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Report of the local FSFE meeting in Frankfurt on May 4

At the last FSFE meeting in Frankfurt, we planned to work mainly on the Free Software flyers which we adopted from the local group in Munich. Unfortunately, three of the six persons who showed up were not aware that this was meant to be a “workshop” and didn’t bring any equipment for it.

For […]

New education leaflet planned

Current edu flyer

It started with a wiki page and the goal to create a short and concise list of reasons why schools should use Free Software. After some forging, we turned the content into an official FSFE leaflet that has been translated and is now available in nine l a n g […]

Fellowship-Treffen Rhein/Main in Frankfurt – 4. Sep 2013

Die Fellowship Gruppe Rhein/Main traf sich gestern wie verabredet in Frankfurt. Wir waren uns recht einig, dass der Charme des Bahnhofsviertels nicht so unglaublich ansprechend ist und werden uns für November wohl einen anderen Ort aussuchen. Favorit ist derzeit der Club Voltaire.

Es war wieder ein netter abend in fast identischer Besetzung, wie beim Treffen […]