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New education leaflet planned

Current edu flyer

It started with a wiki page and the goal to create a short and concise list of reasons why schools should use Free Software. After some forging, we turned the content into an official FSFE leaflet that has been translated and is now available in nine l a n g […]

FSFE Fellowship-Treffen Rhein/Main März 2015

Hier der etwas verspätete Bericht vom letzten FSFE Treffen in Frankfurt am 4. März.

Ausnahmsweise war kein Platz für uns im Café Albatros und wir mussten umziehen. Um so etwas zu vermeiden werden wir künftig auch ohne “offizielle” Zusagen einfach blind einen Tisch reservieren. Bisher war dies im Albatros nie wirklich nötig gewesen, aber diesmal […]

How to advocate for Free Software in local politics

During the meeting in Essen, we had one work shop in which we discussed best practices for doing advocacy work on a local level. As local politics usually have different competences and regulations and vary a lot throughout Europe (they vary a lot inside Germany alone). It is impossible for FSFE staff to cover all […]

Working on FSFE’s education pages

In this post I want to share what is currently being discussed in the edu-team to get some more feedback to what the edu pages should look like. Please submit any comment or suggestion below, per email to the edu-team or this public etherpad.

The last thing we changed on the pages was the mission […]

Fellowship-Treffen Rhein/Main in Friedberg

Am 2. Oktober trafen wir uns erstmalig in Friedberg, unser zweiter “Außenstop” unseres Experimentes. Nach den vergangenen Treffen in Mainz und Frankfurt war die Teilnehmerzahl (3) zwar ein Dämpfer, aber immer noch besser als einige Treffen in der Vergangenheit. Ich kam an dem Tag gerade aus Berlin vom Europäischen Koordinatorentreffen (ECM) zurück von dem Lucile, […] Updates for 2013-01-08

Found out via #DossierScuola #it that #distrowatch has a !education filter: # added a note regarding the #distrowatch filter !education to the !Fellowship wiki: # RT @grmpyoldman Nur noch 6 Tage, um das Crowdfunding des CC-Lizenz Schulbuchs #Biologie zu unterstützen #Bildung #pi … #

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EURO2012 in Free Software – Look East!

The wiki pages for our little tournament have just been updated according to the latest results. Sorry for the delay, oher things pushed this task further down in my ToDo list, but now it’s done.

Saint Basil's Cathedral, Moscow (cc by-sa 2.0)

Since we have to wait until March 25, 2011 for any further […]

EURO 2012 in FS – qualification day #8

Croatia fan truck by by Alison Ratcliffe (cc-by-2.0)

The last two qualification matches of this year took place today:

Finland vs. San Marino 2:0 (well, in soccer they won 8:0!)

This was easy since we have no entries for San Marino in our wiki.

Croatia vs. Malta 2:1

But this was a tough decision […]

Upcoming Jabber-meeting on Free Software in Education

In two weeks, there will be a Jabber meeting about the activities of FSFE’s Edu-Team. We will ask for opinions on Free Software and education and the future of the edu team. Got any ideas?

Well, I thought it might help if I post some of my thoughts beforehand to discuss, even if you don’t […]