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Report from Fellowship meeting in Frankfurt (June 4)

We met at CafĂ© Albatros, sitting outside for the first time this year! 🙂 As we welcomed a new face, we introduced ourselfes and gave a short introduction what the FSFE is and does, the role of the Fellowship, the importance of Free Software and mentioned the books “Code” und “Program or be programmed”

Among […]

Protokoll des Fellowship-Treffens in Frankfurt am 4. Juni

Wir trafen uns wieder im CafĂ© Albatros, erstmalig drauĂźen in diesem Jahr 🙂 Weil wir ein neues Gesicht dabei hatten gab es eine kurze Vorstellungsrunde und eine EinfĂĽhrung was die FSFE so macht und die Rolle des Fellowship-Programs. Es wurde die Wichtigkeit Freier Software angesprochen und auf die BĂĽcher “Code” und “Program or be programmed” […]

Free Software in Education News – May

Here’s what we collected in May. If you come accross anything that might be worth mentioning in this series, please drop me a note, dump it in this pad or drop it on the edu-eu mailinglist!

FSFE Edu-Team activities we continued the work on the edu-team pages Wolf-Dieter trained a whole group of teachers (no […]