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My FSFE summit/QtCon

Yeah, I know it is already more than a month but I wanted to get this out for future reference. Here are some notes from my FSFE summit experience:

I couldn’t come any earlier so I arrived in Berlin on Friday night at about 1:00 (Saturday morning), got some hours of sleep and found my way to the Congress Center about two hours before my own talk. This allowed me to see most of “Cultivating Empathy“, an important talk that did not provide me with too much news, but I left it with the intention to read more fiction again (which I actually did since then!).

The room I had my own talk “FSFE’s edu-team – past, challenges and future” had no recording equipment installed 🙁 But I can tell you that I had a very interested audience and I talked to a lot of people about Free Software in education afterwards and the next day.

Due to the many conversations after the talk, I missed “FSFE Legal Team & Legal Network – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow“.

What I did manage to see was:

And then I had to rush to catch my train back home already…

Anyway, it was a great event with lots of nice conversations. Can’t wait until the next summit! 🙂