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FSFE booth at street festival in Frankfurt

booth set up

more than an hour before the event officially started, we had our first visitors with conversations about Free Software while we were still setting up the booth

Beginning September, there was not only the first FSFE summit in Berlin: Just three days later, our group met in the “Coworking Zentrale” to update the Free Software handouts we adopted to our needs last year from the group in Munich.

It was a very productive meeting and it had to be as we needed current flyers for the Rotlintstraßenfest on the upcoming Saturday.

The spot we were assigned to turned out to be less fortunate as last year as we couldn’t manage to organize electrical power supply to show the FSFE15 video with subtitles in various languages in a loop and to power our outdoor Freifunk router. Well, our mission was to talk to people anyway so this wasn’t really a big deal.


Booth ready to go!

At first, I thought there were not as many conversations with people than last year but then I realized that we had more helpers at the booth which was the main reason why I was able to get something to eat and take short breaks which wasn’t the case last year. Thanks to all involved from working on the hand outs, providing hints and feedback until staffing the booth!

It started as a busy month and it continued to be one. Hence the late and very short report of our activities. A posting about the Summit is also still in the queue… The next meeting is already around the corner (next Wednesday) in Mainz.

many visitors

We had a busy day - Can you spot the booth?

Well, that’s it for now. See you next time in Mainz! Further details about our meetings can be found in the Wiki.