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Experiencing FSCONS 2012

When I first heard about FSCONS, I was thrilled by the concept of this event as it seemed to bring Free Software developers and society together. Year after year, people told me how awsome FSCONS was this time, but there was always something else that kept me from going there until 2011. After hearing all […]

Skolelinux pilot in Rhineland Palatinate – Lessons learned

Last FrOSCon, Kurt Gramlich, leader of the German part of the Skolelinux project, gave a brief overview on the Skolelinux pilot in Rhineland Palatinate. What happened after the first euphoria and listed reasons why the pilot may be considered a failure.

It was a very entertaining and informative talk. I learned quite a bit and […]

Students developing Free Software for the public sector

I found an interesting news entry on “DK: Students to develop open source software for the Danish public sector”

I think this is really great. Students get involved in Free Software development and learn a lot without using “sandboxes” and get paid while at the same time public administrations get the software they really […]

EURO2012 in Free Software – Look East!

The wiki pages for our little tournament have just been updated according to the latest results. Sorry for the delay, oher things pushed this task further down in my ToDo list, but now it’s done.

Saint Basil's Cathedral, Moscow (cc by-sa 2.0)

Since we have to wait until March 25, 2011 for any further […]

EURO 2012 in FS – qualification day #8

Croatia fan truck by by Alison Ratcliffe (cc-by-2.0)

The last two qualification matches of this year took place today:

Finland vs. San Marino 2:0 (well, in soccer they won 8:0!)

This was easy since we have no entries for San Marino in our wiki.

Croatia vs. Malta 2:1

But this was a tough decision […]

Euro 2012 qualification day #5 and the sick man of Europe

Another qualification day for the EURO2012 in Free Software with proposed results.

sick man (cc-by 2.0)

FSFE president Karsten Gerloff recently wrote a blog post about the situation in the UK. He writes “Britain is the sick man of Europe in terms of Free Software adoption.” The results below agree with this. I think […]

Migration to Free Software in public administration

I just read an article (German) which states that the migration process in German federal administration is making progress. They also launced a competence center for “open source”. Very interesting.

Is anybody aware of similar projects/bureaus that assist government agencies with their migration process in other European countries? I would think, the obstacles they […]

Free Software for North Rhine-Westphalia

The green party in North Rhine-westphalia demands Free Software in public administration (German).

“Free Software offers great opportunities for a knowledge based society through variety, sustainability and security. The system of “open code” and “open standards” allows fair competition, precludes monopolies and ensures innovation.”

The downer: the proposal uses the term Free Software only once […]