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Fellowship Meeting in Darmstadt

Last Wednesday, we finished our first round around Frankfurt with our Fellowship meeting in Darmstadt. Twelve Free Software enthusiasts met at Kneipe 41 and had delicious Pizza and drinks. I’ll list a fraction of the various topics below. On top of all the interesting things we discussed, it was a lot of fun again!

After everybody got something to eat, we did a brief introduction round to get to know each other (there were so many new faces!). We discussed the topics of the agenda and a lot more after that. Good thing we did have an agenda as the topics were a little too nerdy for some of the attendees (including me) before the “official part” started. And after that, various independent discussions took place at the same time that covered everybody’s interest I suppose.

Firstly, we spoke about the upcoming AbiCamp in Dreieich which some of us plan to attend.

In this regards, Alexander pointet also to “Chaos macht Schule“.

Ana told us about her project: aDTN – Undetectable communication in wireless delay-tolerant networks: “aDTN is a network layer protocol for wireless delay-tolerant communication that ensures that an external attacker cannot link network participants to each other nor to the messages they send.” Such a network would be useful during demonstrations etc.  She’s looking for more contributers by the way.

In this context, we also talked about BitMessage

We talked again about our plans for Document Freedom Day and that educational institutions are in the focus this year.

The upcoming “I love Free Software” day (#ilovfs)

Upcoming Cryptoparties in Frankfurt (Feb 22nd) and Mannheim (Feb 23rd). As cryptoparties are an excellent opportunity to point out the importance of Free Software to an interested audience, we should show up at these events and raise awareness. Unfortunately, I won’t make it to either one of them this month, but I am confident that Free Software will be presented anyway. has a new design and asks for Feedback!

Italy puts FS first

After the various recommendations of C30C talks in January, “Seeing the secret state, six landscapes” was added to the list.

Circumvention Tech Summit Berlin

And countless other topics I didn’t bother to write down or didn’t get aware of as the table was too long to follow all conversations at once 🙂 I hope that we’ll get a somewhat complete list of topics in the wiki by the end of the month.

And finally: Dirk had some interesting thoughts how “sapere aude” relates to Free Software. As I said in the beginning, this was fun again including the commute to and from Darmstadt.

I am looking forward to the next meeting one in Frankfurt! 🙂