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At the end of last year, I took it upon myself to bootstrap an effort for fsfe.org into 2014. My main objective was to revamp the website visually into something a little bit more modern and coherent to:

  • make the website usable on every screens (tiny mobile, mobile, big mobile/tablet, laptops, desktops, whatevercomesnext)
    • built on bootstrap
  • use a set of technologies to re-use for www.,wiki.,planet.,fellowship., search. and eventually, blogs.fsfe.org
    • relying on LESS

… while using as much as possible what’s already in use on fsfe.org so that the change is minimal (graphically and technically).

I started this effort on test.fsfe.org (english version). I worked on the fsfe.xsl (which is the build template for most of the website), on the index.en page and on http://test.fsfe.org/activities/os/minimalisticstandards.html which should give an overview of what articles should look like on fsfe.org

Still a lot of work is needed:

  • in the general template, need to fix the sidebar so that fetch-news work based on the fsfe.org tagging system
  • give some love to important pages: donate, support, newsletter, press-releases, etc. (a lot!)
  • work on the campaign boxes on the frontpage, work on the news/events fetching template
  • agree on the menu (top) and the full menu (bottom)
  • work on integrating the new design for other websites:
    • wiki
    • planet
    • fellowship
    • search
    • wordpress blogs
  • writing doc

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