The Free Software pact for the European elections!

In case you did not notice, the Free Software Pact is now available in even more languages.

As explained in our press release, FSFE officially supports the Free Software Pact drafted by April. The aim is to get candidates to this year’s European Parliament elections to take a stand for free software by signing this little text.

Thus, it’s important to get translations so that you can contact your local politicians and inform them about free software and why it’s important!

A lot of the translating efforts have happened on our mailing list, so go subscribe there if you want to help proofread ongoing translations before uploading them on the wiki.

The elections are coming near!

A new website for

Wiki page: New FSFE 2014

At the end of last year, I took it upon myself to bootstrap an effort for into 2014. My main objective was to revamp the website visually into something a little bit more modern and coherent to:

  • make the website usable on every screens (tiny mobile, mobile, big mobile/tablet, laptops, desktops, whatevercomesnext)
    • built on bootstrap
  • use a set of technologies to re-use for www.,wiki.,planet.,fellowship., search. and eventually,
    • relying on LESS

… while using as much as possible what’s already in use on so that the change is minimal (graphically and technically).

I started this effort on (english version). I worked on the fsfe.xsl (which is the build template for most of the website), on the index.en page and on which should give an overview of what articles should look like on

Still a lot of work is needed:

  • in the general template, need to fix the sidebar so that fetch-news work based on the tagging system
  • give some love to important pages: donate, support, newsletter, press-releases, etc. (a lot!)
  • work on the campaign boxes on the frontpage, work on the news/events fetching template
  • agree on the menu (top) and the full menu (bottom)
  • work on integrating the new design for other websites:
    • wiki
    • planet
    • fellowship
    • search
    • wordpress blogs
  • writing doc

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Welcoming Maurice to the Core Team

The web page has not been updated yet, but the Core Team of FSFE welcomed a new member this week, Maurice Verheesen, alias mho!

I met Maurice for the first time in Berlin for the FSFE Coordinators Meeting, and I greatly enjoyed his company, and his input! Maurice cares about technology, and he cares about doing it right, and that implies Free Software ☺

On the way back home from Berlin, in the car, Maurice and I sat down with our laptops to work on a new version of the User Data Manifesto. We did some great work there, and had some great discussion on metadata, surveillance and software.

Maurice lives in the Netherlands, and has taken the lead to coordinate Dutch activities recently, hence joining the European Core Team. He already shared with us insights and reports on T-Dose, where the FSFE was present and where he gave a talk on PRISM.

It’s always good to see smart people joining one of the ultra-most important pieces of FSFE!

Welcome Maurice!