Welcoming Maurice to the Core Team

The web page has not been updated yet, but the Core Team of FSFE welcomed a new member this week, Maurice Verheesen, alias mho!

I met Maurice for the first time in Berlin for the FSFE Coordinators Meeting, and I greatly enjoyed his company, and his input! Maurice cares about technology, and he cares about doing it right, and that implies Free Software ☺

On the way back home from Berlin, in the car, Maurice and I sat down with our laptops to work on a new version of the User Data Manifesto. We did some great work there, and had some great discussion on metadata, surveillance and software.

Maurice lives in the Netherlands, and has taken the lead to coordinate Dutch activities recently, hence joining the European Core Team. He already shared with us insights and reports on T-Dose, where the FSFE was present and where he gave a talk on PRISM.

It’s always good to see smart people joining one of the ultra-most important pieces of FSFE!

Welcome Maurice!