Welcoming Maurice to the Core Team

The web page has not been updated yet, but the Core Team of FSFE welcomed a new member this week, Maurice Verheesen, alias mho!

I met Maurice for the first time in Berlin for the FSFE Coordinators Meeting, and I greatly enjoyed his company, and his input! Maurice cares about technology, and he cares about doing it right, and that implies Free Software ☺

On the way back home from Berlin, in the car, Maurice and I sat down with our laptops to work on a new version of the User Data Manifesto. We did some great work there, and had some great discussion on metadata, surveillance and software.

Maurice lives in the Netherlands, and has taken the lead to coordinate Dutch activities recently, hence joining the European Core Team. He already shared with us insights and reports on T-Dose, where the FSFE was present and where he gave a talk on PRISM.

It’s always good to see smart people joining one of the ultra-most important pieces of FSFE!

Welcome Maurice!

2013 GA in Vienna

Hello! I’m writing this currently sitting in Metalab, Vienna’s finest Hackerspace, featuring 3d printers, laser-cutting-graving machine, club mate, an authentic phone booth, and a lot of discussions ☺

Looking around me right now, I can spot 6 different nationalities:

  • Austrian
  • Estonian
  • Belarusian
  • Italian
  • Slovenian
  • German

It’s the first time of the day I’m taking a small break on my own, managed my email, and now writing this. [In the process of writing, Heiki and Andrew popped in].

This day, we met and started at 9:30. And we basically all day worked on the strategy of FSFE. Where are we going? What is our core mission? What do we want to achieve? It’s sometimes good to lay back and take a wider look at what’s going on. What difference are we making?

This process is ongoing of course, and will take time. But I’m confident that we have some of the most interesting melting pot of brains and cultures here to fix and handle the situation!

What do you think?

Blogging here: a new focus

I started blogging here in 2009 when I was an intern in Berlin with the Free Software Foundation Europe. The organisation had just initiated a major change back then: Georg, one of the founding members and first president, handed it over to Karsten. I’ve got to say that I joined during interesting times, and I enjoyed working in Berlin with Matthias and Claudia from the KDE association. I hope I’ve been able to share some of that interest with you readers when I was writing on this blog while an intern.

It’s been 3 years since I was an intern, but I’ve kept on writing here and on my personal blog. However it felt more cumbersome to maintain 2 different blogs (both in 2 languages) than anything else. Moreover the distinction between personal things and free software is difficult to make, as free software and the people who make, use, and defend it, are important parts of my life.


I started blogging at a new place: hroy.eu. I will mostly blog over there, even for matters that are of interest to FSFE fellows and free software activists at large. I will send posts relevant for the free software & FSFE audience to the blogs planet (which I really recommend you read ☺ or if you’re too lazy you can get a good grasp of it each month in the newsletter)

So I’m giving a new focus to this blog. From now on, I will write here about things that are more internally focused on FSFE, and more focused on work, campaigns, and getting things done!

Let’s see how it goes.