Android 4.0 at the Chaos Communication Congress

Coming at the CCC, I thought I should take some extra caution. One of the things I did was to add a lock-screen password on Android 4.0 (that I updated from manually about a week ago). Yesterday morning, I figured this was mostly annoying. So I decided to remove it and I kept the simple “slide” lock icon.

Then this night, around 3 or 4 a.m. I wanted to check my emails at the #28C3 party, there was a sheet of paper with the name of a wifi network and a password. I thought, well, that’s great. How stupid I was.

I connected to this network and did some emails for about 20 minutes. As the night goes on, the phone went out of battery. When I got home and plugged the phone to restart it something unexpected happened. The phone was displaying the lock screen, asking for a password; not the SIM code.

I don’t have the password. The former password I use doesn’t work. And there aren’t any options available to me to fix it (apparently, former versions used to suggest to reset the password with an email to the Google account). I am not root on this phone, it’s not in debug mode, etc.

Basically, I got locked out of my own phone. It looks like I just got owned.
Bug report:

Edit: Fixed with fastboot

root@synclavier:/home/hugo/Tech/android/android-sdk-linux/tools# ./fastboot-linux-i386 devices
31320E7E6C1F00EC	fastboot
root@synclavier:/home/hugo/Tech/android/android-sdk-linux/tools# ./fastboot-linux-i386 oem unlock
... OKAY

It has erased everything on the phone, but at least I can use it back.