Blogging here: a new focus

I started blogging here in 2009 when I was an intern in Berlin with the Free Software Foundation Europe. The organisation had just initiated a major change back then: Georg, one of the founding members and first president, handed it over to Karsten. I’ve got to say that I joined during interesting times, and I enjoyed working in Berlin with Matthias and Claudia from the KDE association. I hope I’ve been able to share some of that interest with you readers when I was writing on this blog while an intern.

It’s been 3 years since I was an intern, but I’ve kept on writing here and on my personal blog. However it felt more cumbersome to maintain 2 different blogs (both in 2 languages) than anything else. Moreover the distinction between personal things and free software is difficult to make, as free software and the people who make, use, and defend it, are important parts of my life.


I started blogging at a new place: I will mostly blog over there, even for matters that are of interest to FSFE fellows and free software activists at large. I will send posts relevant for the free software & FSFE audience to the blogs planet (which I really recommend you read ☺ or if you’re too lazy you can get a good grasp of it each month in the newsletter)

So I’m giving a new focus to this blog. From now on, I will write here about things that are more internally focused on FSFE, and more focused on work, campaigns, and getting things done!

Let’s see how it goes.

A (short) update from FSFE

I haven’t been quite talkative on this blog these last couple of months… (hey, for those of you who read French) but I can guarantee you I will be back! It is also that things are moving fast and it’s been hard to have a minute to blog! No possibility to get bored: things are happening at the European Commission especially with the battle for Open Standards and the Digital Agenda. What’s more, Document Freedom Day is now in 3 days, and with our fellows in Berlin we will thank Radio Stations adopting the Ogg Vorbis open standard. Finally, the annual workshop of the European Legal Network, maintained by FSFE, is coming near in Amsterdam! Lots of interesting topics, I’m sure I’ll find some time to give my views on them!

Oh, and I also have to do all this university work about my internship, which ends in 2 months déjà!

Hello world!

Interns all over the place”

So here is my blog on the FSFE Fellowship blogs platform (obviously…) I hope you’ll enjoy reading — or not, that’s okay with me I am ready to debate. But there is one rule: no troll if it is not Friday.