Weekly Digest 09/04 to 09/10

The thing that shocked me the most this week is without any doubt this article in Tech Crunch about a future device called “Life Recorder” (I already imagine the Apple iLife advertisement campaign). Inspired by a Microsoft Research product called Sensecam, the camera would be attached to our body and record everything we do, and synchronizing it online.

“Imagine an entire lifetime recorded and searchable. Imagine if you could scroll and search through the lives of your ancestors.”

I have to admit, I first thought it was a hoax. My surprise was that it was real… and that actually, people would like it! Comments were far more frightening…

“It would be boring as I spend a great deal of my life on the computer, but regardless I would see no problem in its ‘invasion of privacy’. I rarely do anything I need to keep secret and as such dont care. However, I do forget things very often and would love such a device for that reason. I am also a social networking addict and update my status/location all the time along with pictures if I am able.”

See the discussion going on… and certainly a blog post about that where I’ll give you my point of view about that!

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