IPRED: challenge EU policy in copyright and patents on the Internet

Update: FSFE’s submission to the consultation can be read here

Poster de mai 68, CRS détourné. Dérivé de "Gallo Report" par LQDN.fr

IPRED: anti-sharing directive

IPRED is a European directive which harmonises civil (and soon, penal) sanctions at the EU level for any kind of “intellectual property” infringement: copyright, patents, trademarks and design, plant breeders rights, etc. It organises the repression against sharers, remixers, developers, hackers and inventors of all kinds.

The EU Commission wants to modify IPRED to “adapt” it to the digital environment. This means expanding the war on sharing on the Internet, in direct continuation of ACTA’s goals. IPRED calls for large scale filtering of the Internet to thwart file sharing. Search engines, hosting services, websites and Internet access providers would be forced to control the communications of Internet users.

There is a consultation from the European commission. We can seize this opportunity to submit our view on how to promote innovation and freedom in our society. Please see La Quadrature du Net’s analysis on the report!

For those who read French, I also blogged about the IPRED report.

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New Fellowship rep.

So it’s news, the fellows of FSFE have elected me as their representative for the General Assembly! Thanks to Kostas, to whom I wish all the best for the progress of Free Software in Greece (and elsewhere)! I really look forward to these two years, and I will keep you updated about our program.

Thanks to all fellows!