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EURO2012 in Free Software qualification – Latvia catching up

sailorman bull

Baltic Sea waterfront / Ventspils, Latvia (cc-by-sa by anjči)

After the EURO2012 in Free Software continued yesterday, we have twelve other matches to look at today. Israel vs. Latvia was especially interesting because Latvia caught up just recently and was able to beat the best country in this group so far. Thus, chances are high that they can lead the group in the end and qualify for the finals. At least that’s my view. If you come to a different result, please let me know. Here is what our wiki says about the two countries:



In Group F, Greece caught up, too.  In February there was the news about a free Linux system for teachers and pupils at elementary schools and in March the First migration of a Greek Public Organization to Free Software was announced. But that’s not enough to make that much of a difference in that group yet.

And  really tough was to decide the result between Norway and Denmark. I made it a draw, but judge yourself and let me know:



Here is the table with all results of today:

Group Country I Country II Score I Score II
A Germany Kazakhstan 4 0
B Andorra Slovakia 1 2
B Armenia Russia 1 4
B Republic of Ireland Macedonia 1 2
D Bosnia and Herzegovina Romania 1 2
F Georgia Croatia 0 1
F Israel Latvia 2 3
F Malta Greece 2 2
G Bulgaria Switzerland 1 2
G Wales England 1 1
H Cyprus Iceland 2 3
H Norway Denmark 3 3

The next matches will take place on Tuesday (March 29, 2011). I’ll update the tables on the wiki after that.

As always, if you have anything to add, please leave a comment, drop me a note or edit the Fellowship wiki page about FS in public administration or write a dent to the euro4fs group at