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EURO2012 in Free Software qualification – March 25

After a few months pause, the qualification for our EURO 2012 in Free Software will keep me busy for the next few days. The results of today’s matches can be found in this posting. Any comment is welcome.

"German Michel" missing a revelution in 1848

"German Michel" missing a revelution in 1848

Austria vs. Belgium again: no changes here. The funny thing was that I forgot about the previous match and not being aware that I already judged between these two countries, I came to the same result.

Looking at the table of Group A, it’s quite obvious that Belgium will make it into the finals. The second place has also a chance to make it through the play-offs. And the battle for 2nd place will most likely be between Austria and Germany. A few weeks ago, this would have been a tough match which Austria probably would have won slightly. But now as it became clear that the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs will revert its successful move to GNU/Linux, it’s clear that they’ll drop to third place. For that move, they’d deserve the last.

Here are the results of the day. I’ll update the tables in the wiki next Tuesday.

Date Group Country I Country II Score I Score II
25.03.11 A Austria Belgium 3 4
25.03.11 C Serbia Nothern Ireland 0 0
25.03.11 C Slovenia Italy 1 3
25.03.11 D Luxembourg France 2 4
25.03.11 E Hungary Netherlands 2 4
25.03.11 I Spain Czech republic 2 4