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Free Software in Education news – July 2013

FSFE Edu-Team activities


In Bergen one of the local groups are having a workshop at the beginning of August. Not sure what they did in Oslo but there was a nation wide coordinated meet-up where 6 cities and several speakers from different fields were represented. Among them Rigmor Aasrud, Minister of Government Administration, Reform and Church Affairs.

They organized an event in June in Bergen where not only scratch but also Raspberry Pi, Arduino as well as other non-FLOSS projects. (Thanks to Cecilie for this input!)


  • The evaluation phase of moodle@schule (German) in the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, just ended. The project was initiated by the ministry of education and funded by the EU with the goal to create e-learning content for schools and personalized, to use and evaluate with Moodle. Basically, this teaches teachers how to use it. I am looking forward to reading the news about the outcome of it.
  • Free Software on tablets and PCs in schools in Brussels Region. Students and teachers at 160 high schools in the Brussels Region have started to use free and open source applications. Since April, the region’s Informatics Centre (CIRB) is helping schools to modernise their computer classrooms, electronic whiteboards and networks.

Edu Software

  • The website is based on DELT (Double Entry Learning Tool), which is available as free software at github, released under the terms of GNU Affero General Public License. Its aim is to offer students a way of practicing double entry bookkeeping principles without the complexity of a software that is normally used in a firm, but in a more profitable way than it would be by using spreadsheets or, worse, pen and paper.

distro news

  • Desktop4education. Once more, there was the event “linux4education”  in Weiz, Austria, to teach teachers about Free Software in education.

Other news

Video of a talk: The Kids are alright at re:publica. I haven’t watched it yet, but it was highly recommended to me, so I thought to include it here blindly.

future events

  •  Skolelinux will be presented at the upcomming FrOSCon in Sankt Augustin, Germany (August 24 & 25, 2013)
  • Jugend hackt” (Youth is hacking) is a two day hacking camp in Berlin for people below 18 years and will take place on September 7 & 8, 2013. Sebastian will be there, too.

If you have any infos on news or events that might be of interest to Free Software activists  in education, please let me know or dump it on the edu-eu mailinglist