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Free Software in Education news – April/May/June 2013

Here are three months of education news related to Free Software! Sorry for the delay, I was somewhat tied up with FuxCon and was traveling for a month. Enough said, here we go:





  • Despite the worrying situation in Turkey right now, FSFE decided to send an open letter to Erdogan, which had been prepared before the protests even started. (Personally, I am not totally happy with this, but I guess we have to face the fact that big proprietary software companies will not stop lobbying either.


General info on Scratch Day.

  • I blogged about the final report of an UNESCO event in Paris just recently. The discussion

about it is still ongoing on the edu-eu mailinglist. Please join us!

See also: The H Open: edX learning platform now all Free Software


Q: What do you see as the disadvantages of Skolelinux /Debian Edu?
Cédric: Maybe the lack of manpower to do lobbying on the project. Sometimes, people who need to take decisions concerning IT do not have all the elements to evaluate properly free software solutions. The fact that support by a company may be difficult to find is probably a problem if the school does not have IT personnel.
One can find support from a company by looking at the wiki dokumentation, where some countries already have a number of companies providing support for Debian Edu, like Germany or Norway. This list is easy to find readily from the manual. However, for other countries, like France, the list is empty. I guess that consultants proposing support for Debian would be able to provide some support for Debian Edu as well.

Future events

  • RMLL will have an edu track again. As far as I can see, on Monday (Jul 8) and Tuesday (Jul 9) in K.4.201 and K.4.401. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend, again…

If you have any infos on news or events that might be of interest to Free Software activists  in education, please let me know!