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Looking for an XMPP webclient

I’ve been looking for a web based XMPP client and found about 20 in the list on I skimmed through them and as a Free Software license is mandatory for me, I was left with 7 clients. I haven’t had the time to try any of them on my own machine yet, but here is what I found so far:

  • Salut à Toi looks very cool. The feature list is quite impressive. Just look at the “Pipe over XMPP” feature! The web interface (what I am actually looking for) is called Libervia, but according to their wiki, installation is “currently a bit tricky. So, as I am no expert, I will try other options first.
  • Converse.js can be tested on the spot with any jabber account. I tried it with an old unused account and it worked perfectly. Installation of the
    minimal stuff
    seems fairly easy and will probably suffice for my needs.
  • Jappix has a mini “applet” that looks similar to Converse.js.
  • Jwchat seems to open numerous little browser windows according to the screen shots. Since I don’t like that, it will not be my first choice.
  • Claros uses a modified Mozilla license. I don’t like the use of exotic licenses, so I put this aside, too.
  • xmppwebchat development seems to have stalled.
  • And so has Ignite (latest build: 2008).

I will try my luck with converse.js first. Second choice will be Jappix and then Salut à Toi. If you have any experience with XMPP web clients or have further recommendations, please let me know!

Update: Candy was suggested to me today. Couldn’t test it, but looks promising. 2014-08-06