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Free Software in Education news – April/May/June 2013

Here are three months of education news related to Free Software! Sorry for the delay, I was somewhat tied up with FuxCon and was traveling for a month. Enough said, here we go:

Finland Finnish education board funds Free Software cloud services for schools. A Webinar on KDE-based learning programs took place on April 24. […]

Free Software in Education NEWS – March 2013

Another month past since the last edu news entry. Here’s what I found in March:


E-learning tools gradually make their way into Francophone Belgium schools


There was a webinar about the “Open Library 2013 project” as Elias writes in his blog.


The paedML (sample solution) in Baden-Württemberg is migrationg to UCSSchool by […]

Free Software in Education NEWS – January 2013

Hello everybody! It’s been a while since I wrote my last post with edu news. So, I am planning to post news more regularly again. I start trying on a monthly basis. Here’s what I collected in January:

Community Michael Shiloh from Arduino asks teachers on a mailinglist why they want to use Arduino in […] Updates for 2013-01-09

Bern #ch is to foster !free software in administration and !education. Teachers shall get training: !gnu !fsfe #

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EURO2012 in Free Software – Group C results

Welcome again to another day of the EURO2012 for Free Software! Here are the results of Group C in the final round:

Poland Germany 2 3 Poland Switzerland 3 3 Poland Iceland 1 3 Germany Switzerland 3 2 Germany Iceland 3 3 Switzerland Iceland 2 3

The table looks like this:

Team Pld W D […]

Free Software in Education – March/April 2011

Here is again a list of things I came across over the last two months:

There is an article on (warning: terrible commercial blocker!) which answers 8 claims that are often brought agains Free Software solutions in education:

Open source is way too expensive. We can’t afford to change everything! Our teachers won’t use […]

Vienna’s university sells GNU/Linux laptops

Being on the prowl for hardware vendors who meet our demands for Free Software (or at least move towards them) I found out that the university of Vienna sells laptops to their students with GNU/Linux pre-installed.

I learned that a similar project has been going on since September in Switzerland.

(the links are in […]