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Free Software in Education NEWS – March 2013

Another month past since the last edu news entry. Here’s what I found in March:


There was a webinar about the “Open Library 2013 project” as Elias writes in his blog.


The paedML (sample solution) in Baden-Württemberg is migrationg to UCSSchool by Univention

Werner Hüsch asked on the German skolelinux list for support companies and got

as responses. I added them to our list in the Fellowship Wiki

On another German mailing list, someone asked for recommendations for their current library software. I asked around on and got the following recommendations:

During my research, I also found but nobody who could comment any practical experience with it.

Do you have anything to add?


FSFE’s Fellowship representative Nicos roussos reports about the first Pop-Up event of Hive Athens. He starts with a quote by Arthur Clarke: “If children have interest, then education happens” and sums it all up with “First week of March was dedicated on teaching, learning and learning to teach :)”


There is a new version of eXeLearning, which is a Free Software authoring application to assist teachers and academics in the publishing of web content. They are looking for contributors, especially translators for English, Dutch and German. issued a praxis report. By using LibreOffice and Audacity, the kids created a short story audio play under a Creative Commons license. That they chose a NC license is reason enough for me to point out to this guide: “Consequences, Risks, and side-effects of the license module Non-Commercial – NC”.


Ronny Standtke explains their edu thumb drive and the experience they’ve made with it (Youtube, talk in German). More info on and an article on (both German).

Edu Distros

Blog post about Ubermix: “Educational Linux distro provides tech-bundle for kids and educators”

Note, that like many other education related projects, OLPC is constantly developing. Really nice about OLPC is, that Dan Drake has been giving weekly updates on what is going on.

First Skolelinux / Debian Edu Squeeze update released

edubuntu 13.04 released


Some thoughts by Teemu Leinonen about “The Principles of a Free and Source School”

And after the list of FS options by OSSWatch in January, here is another list of 75 Free Software Replacements for Popular Education Apps (Yeah, they put costs in front of all arguments, but well…)

Linuxandlife has a list of US colleges with “Linux courses and degree programs”

There is a 2nd edition of a book called “teaching with Moodle 2” (in German)

If you have any infos on news or events that might be of interest to Free Software activists, please let me know!