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Edu-Team 2011 summary

When I talk to people as a member of FSFE’s education team, there’s always the question what we are actually doing. It is not so easy to come up with something specific. I know we’ve been busy all the time, but ad hoc, it’s difficult for me to name examples, that are worth mentioning. A […]

Euro2012 in Free Software, qualification results – October 8, 2011

Next-to-last day of the qualification in our EURO 2012 in Free Software and open standards. There is only one match today:

Liechtenstein vs. Scotland 0:0

There can’t be any other result, because there is nothing in the Fellowship wiki about these countries. I personally know of a at least a […]

EURO 2012 in Free Software – qualification results June 3, 2011

Here are todays results of our EURO 2012 in Free Software and open standards.

Turkey vs. Belgium was difficult. I don’t know what happend in the meantime, but I feel that having developed an own distribution and have it installed on every school computer plus making Free Software part of the official curriculum should have […]

EURO2012 qualifying: preparing for day #2

waiting for the matches (cc-by click for source)

As announced in a previous posting, I’ll compare the participating countries of the UEFA EURO 2012 in regards to Free Software usage and Open Standards. On September 3rd, the next qualification matches will take place. And it is going to be a busy day: 22 pairings. […]