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How I tuned my ukulele

I am back home after two months of traveling. I knew that I wouldn’t have much internet access during that time and I prepared myself: I packed a bunch of books and a ukulele.

I started learning the ukulele when my daughter got one as a gift. I practiced with her instrument for the last […]

FreeDroidz workshop with tarent

Not too long ago, I mentioned a workshop with FreeDroidz in this blog. I heard about these robots before, saw them at fairs and haven’t known much about our host, except that they are the sponsor of the Fellowship grant. Matthias asked me if I was interested in leading such a work shop at schools […]

EURO2012 qualifying: preparing for day #2

waiting for the matches (cc-by click for source)

As announced in a previous posting, I’ll compare the participating countries of the UEFA EURO 2012 in regards to Free Software usage and Open Standards. On September 3rd, the next qualification matches will take place. And it is going to be a busy day: 22 pairings. […]

Euro 2012 in Free Software

Soccer girl (cc-by-sa 2.0)

During the last few weeks after the world cup, the idea grew up in me to run a parallel tournament to the football championship in Europe 2012 where the discipline is Free Software usage in Government. This idea sounds so much like work, and I have so many other more […]