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EURO 2012 in Free Software – qualification results June 3, 2011

Here are todays results of our EURO 2012 in Free Software and open standards.

Turkey vs. Belgium was difficult. I don’t know what happend in the meantime, but I feel that having developed an own distribution and have it installed on every school computer plus making Free Software part of the official curriculum should have been counted more than it had in the past. I let Turkey win this time.

I complained about Germany after they foreign ministry decided to re-migrate to proprietary software and saw no chance for them to make it into the finals, but since there were so many municipalities that were added to the wiki, they might be still in the race.

The top teams of group C, Italy and Estonia had a tight match today. I decided for a draw. Please have a look at the data in the wiki and let me know if you’d decided otherwise. The better goal difference keeps Estonia on top for now.

And as I wrote in the last euro2012 posting, today, it becomes clear for some countries that they will definitely not make it into the finals. If nobody vetoes the results below within the next 3 days, the following countries are out:

  • Kazakhstan
  • Georgia
  • Liechtenstein
  • Lituania

To save me some time, I won’t update the tables in the wiki until June 7.

Soccer Kids

Group Country I Country II Score I Score II
A Austria Germany 3 4
A Belgium Turkey 2 3
A Kazakhstan Azerbaijan 0 0
C Italy Estonia 4 4
C Faroe Islands Slovenia 0 1
D Belarus France 0 4
D Romania Bosnia and Herzegovina 3 1
E Moldova Sweden 0 3
E San Marino Finland 0 3
F Croatia Georgia 1 0
I Liechtenstein Lithuania 0 0