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Free Software in Education News – January

January was quite busy for me, but I still managed to collect some things. If you come accross anything that might be worth mentioning in this series, please drop me a note, dump it in this pad or drop it on the edu-eu mailinglist!

FSFE Edu-Team activities

The first physical edu-team meeting took place alongside FOSDEM in Brussels.

Blogpost by edu-team member Nico Rikken: Why engineering students need to be taught free software


5100+ signatures for open formats in the French educational system (Nice campaign, April!)

Free Software GIS week for Athens students (organised by the Greek Free/Open Source Software Society (El/Lak or GFOSS), in cooperation with the municipality of Athens.

Blog post by Aleix Pol from KDE-Edu: Hacking Free Software, a different point of view

Mozilla Science Lab will launch a fellowship program for early-career researchers, centered around training for more efficient, collaborative research as well as community leadership.


As covered under “community”: Free Software GIS week for Athens students (organised by the Greek Free/Open Source Software Society (El/Lak or GFOSS), in cooperation with the municipality of Athens.

Danish open source early warning system for schools

Edu software

The ATI (Art and Technology of Image) department at University Paris 8 is switching to Krita this year. “This department has the double aim to train students both to use graphic software (2D,3D,VFX and Compositing) and to code their own (Python, C#, C++). Until recently the classes used only Adobe Photoshop, but because of inadequate support from the company the department decided to replace that.”

Other news

Charlie Reisinger talk: More soup, less nuts

Raspberry Pi embraced by Australian school

I’m afraid I missed this in December: Univention presents their annual Graduate Prize for dissertations dealing with applicable and in ­demand Free Software solutions

There is a new open source tool for parents to make their children study and learn in exchange for internet access. It enables education software developers to be compensated for their efforts.

The project’s success will depend on participation. It needs a parent community and a developer community, both of which are beginning to take shape.

Inclusion: Malta promotes ICT tools for an inclusive society

Future events

March 21, 2015: Education Freedom Day

July 21-24, 2015: 9th International Conference on e-Learning (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain)

Thanks to all contributors!

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Bericht vom Fellowship-Treffen Rhein/Main am 7. Januar

Am 7. Januar trafen wir uns also wieder im Café Albatros in Frankfurt. Aus spärlichen Notizen und einem löchrigen Gedächtnis, entstand folgendes Protokoll:

Begrüßung, Small Talk

Planung künftiger Treffen

Hauptthema des Abends war die Planung künftiger Treffen, da die noch überhaupt nicht fest standen. Am liebsten hätte ich das ganze Jahr durchgeplant, aber so einfach geht es ja nicht :)

Hier das vorläufige Ergebnis:

  • 4. Februar wieder Café Albatros
  • im März am liebsten Vortag im CCC und zwar über FS in der Bildung im europäischem Ausland (quasi als Generalprobe für mich zum CLT, falls mein Talk angenommen wird). Oder je nach Nachfrage ein anderes Thema. Zwischenzeitlich sind wir wieder beim CCC vorbei gegangen und haben mal nachgefragt. auch wegen SmartCard Workshops oder der MutterwareParty. Alles gut soweit, nur dass die genau im März umziehen werden.Wir werden berichten…
  • 1. April wieder Café Albatros
  • im Mai zu Gast bei den Mobile Users
    Wir verlassen hier den 1. Mittwoch im Monat und verschieben auf den 2. um uns mal bei den Mobile Users (ehemals Palm User Group) blicken zu lassen
  • 3. Juni wieder Café Albatros
  • Night of Science
    daneben werden wir versuchen am 19.6. zur Night of Science einen Info-Stand auf die Beine zu stellen.
  • Cryptoparties
    Ein neues Datum wird bald bekannt gegeben. Daneben zeichnen sich ein paar interessante neue Veranstaltungsorte ab.  Ich finde es nach wie vor schade, dass Twitter derzeit der einzige Kommunikationskanal mit der cpffm-Gruppe ist.
  • Software Freedom Day am 19.09.
    Wurde angesprochen, aber nichts konkretes beschlossen. Sollen wir da etwas unternehmen?
  • Vortrag bei der LUG
    da müssten wir mal nachhören ob Bedarf besteht.

Kommunalwahlen in Hessen 2016

Es wurde darauf hingewiesen, dass 2016 Kommunalwahlen in Hessen anstehen. Da sollten wir uns überlegen wann wir mit den Vorbereitungen beginnen wollen und was genau umsetzbar wäre. Fragenkatalog an Parteien schicken?

Aktionen in Schulen?

Wieder mal vorgeschlagen (und nicht mal von mir!) Da gibt es einige Schulen bei denen wir mal anfragen könnten. Hat da jemand besondere Kontakte oder weiß, welche Schulen dem Thema offen gegenüber stehen?

FSFE Jahresbericht

wurde angesprochen und zur Kenntnis genommen

Sticker verteilt

Diesmal habe ich endlich mal wieder dran gedacht und ordentlich Sticker und Flyer mitgebracht. Leider haben wir keine GPG-Flyer mehr, sind aber bestellt!

Es wollte noch jemand explizit daran erinnert werden sich doch an fsfe-web zu beteiligen :)

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Free Software in Education News – December

Here’s what we collected in December. If you come accross anything that might be worth mentioning in this series, please drop me a note, dump it in this pad or drop it on the edu-eu mailinglist!

FSFE Edu-Team activities

Distro news


Other news

Future events

  • Jan 21-24, 2015: BettShow, London
  • Jan 30, edu-team meeting, Brussles

Thanks to all contributors!

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Report of FSFE Meeting Rhine/Main in Frankfurt

Here is a quick report from our last meeting in Frankfurt/M. which took place on December 3rd.

End of touring around Frankfurt

As discussed at some previous meetings, we decided to stop our tour around Frankfurt after the second round. It was a nice experiment with many interesting discussions, a lot of new faces and definetely worth it. But we’ll end it anyhow to start something new:

We’ll keep the concept of changing locations every other month, but instead of travelling up to 90km out, we’ll visit other groups in Frankfurt to enlarge our network locally.


We still need to identify the groups to visit. We’ve already been to CCC and Freifunk. There are quite a bunch of other groups at usergroups.rheinmainrocks. Suggested were CaCert and mobile-users. We’ll see and discuss at the next meeting.

We may also present ourselfes at one of the upcoming WebMondays if the theme fits.


As the CCCFfm offered their rooms for occasional talks to us, we may very well accept the offer. I sent a selection of possible subjects. We’ll discuss this further on the mailing list. We may want to check with them as well ;D


Next to talks, there seems also be a high interest in workshops. One about how to setup the Felloship smartcard, but also a Mutterware party.

It’s worth to be present

We were happy to welcome a new face to our group. Interestingly, one way he got aware of FSFE’s work was the booth at Corso Leopold which the Fellowship Group in Munich organized a few times now. Thanks to the folks in Munich! :)

There are also some movements that there might be a second Fuxcon, but we will also look for other events in the area that we may use to present FSFE and our group. Again, we’ll discuss the details on the mailing list and/or at the next meeting. Any suggestions?

merchandising/info material

The new There is no cloud…-Stickers sparked quite some interest and I promised to order some for the next meeting. I’ll bring more flyers and stickers to spread out anyway.


We’ll continue our engagement at the cryptoparties and even gained a new cryptoangel that night! Unfortunately, there is still no date for the next cryptoparty in Frankfurt yet. I’ll follow-up on that.

possible activities in educational institutions

We discussed what students may do at their universities. One idea I got from our new edu-team member Norman who managed to get FSFE info material into the “Erstie”-bag in Dresden.

issue 451

I talked with Thomas about how to improve my skript collection to promote the meetings. The plan is to have our profile updated automatically so it will always show up on


We talked about a lot of other things I failed to take notes of. The one topic I do remember was the Jolla tablet. We had two participants at the table who already ordered one!

next meeting

We decided to break the rythm of “every second month” and just meet at our default location in January. See details on our wiki page or subscribe to the mailing list!

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Free Software in Education News – November

Here’s what we collected in November. I have to say, it is not much this time. If you come accross anything that might be worth mentioning in this series, please drop me a note, dump it in this pad or drop it on the edu-eu mailinglist!

FSFE Edu-Team activities

  • Wolf-Dieter attended an event in the parliament of North-Rhine Westphalia titled: “Day of media literacy” (free translation).
  • We gained two new edu-team members: Nico and Norman.
  • Many interesting internal discussions on edu-team@ mailing list in preparation of our first physical meeting in January.

Future events

Thanks to all contributors!

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Free Software in Education News – October

Here’s what we collected in October. If you come accross anything that might be worth mentioning in this series, please drop me a note, dump it in this pad or drop it on the edu-eu mailinglist!

FSFE Edu-Team activities

  • We gained a new member from the Netherlands
  • I attended an OER barcamp in Cologne
  • Erik brought up the idea to create a map of FS municipalities which sparked my hopes to get something similar for edu institutions some day. (I opened a ticket for this to keep it in mind.
  • among other inquiries, we had one person asking for “scientific proof” (or anything going in that direction) that teaching with FS will not result in any disadvantages for the pupils when looking for jobs later. The answer we were able to provide wasn’t very satisfying to me. If you are aware of any studies that cover this subject, please contact us!


Edu software

Other news

This paper (in German) suggests not just to teach how to code, rather to replace the subject “programming” with “digital exploration”. That subject shall deal with social, political and economical aspects of digitial developments.

Future Events

Thanks to all contributors!

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As of now: comments are turned: off

I’ve always wanted to keep this blog open for comments, but I’ve been drowning in spam lately. So much, that I could easily miss a valid comment. So, leaving comments turned on wouldn’t provide me with your feed-back. Please continue to send it to me via email! My captcha to determine if you are human is that I leave it up to you to find out the address. :)

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Free Software in Education News – September

Here’s what we collected in September. If you come accross anything that might be worth mentioning in this series, please drop me a note, dump it in this pad or send it on the edu-eu mailinglist!

FSFE Edu-Team activities



Edu software

“The Soft Robotics Toolkit is a collection of shared resources to support the design, fabrication, modeling, characterization, and control of soft robotic devices. The toolkit was developed as part of educational research being undertaken in the Harvard Biodesign Lab. The ultimate aim of the toolkit is to advance the field of soft robotics by allowing designers and researchers to build upon each other’s work. The toolkit includes an open source fluidic control board, detailed design documentation describing a wide range of soft robotic components (including actuators and sensors), and related files that can be downloaded and used in the design, manufacture, and operation of soft robots.”

Pretty cool stuff…

Other news

  • Kano Ships Its First 18,000 Learn-To-Code Computer Kits, Fueled By $1.5M Kickstarter
  • I saw at least seven Free Software projects listed on the Top 100 edu tools from an annual online survey: WordPress, Moodle, Wikipedia, Audacity, Mahara, OpenOffice and Firefox. I have to say that I don’t know most of the other items on the list and didn’t bother to check which of them might be Free Software as well.

Future events

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How to advocate for Free Software in local politics

During the meeting in Essen, we had one work shop in which we discussed best practices for doing advocacy work on a local level. As local politics usually have different competences and regulations and vary a lot throughout Europe (they vary a lot inside Germany alone). It is impossible for FSFE staff to cover all this. A lot of work could be done by local groups like us though. The question we asked ourselves was: What do we need to help people getting active and promote Free Software in their neighborhood?

The condensed results of this workshop went into a wiki page where the thoughts and best practices will be available for everybody to learn and share their own experiences.

It includes topics like

  • How to establish the first contact with politicians
  • Who to contact first
  • staying in touch
  • What else you can do even if you are “in the middle of nowhere”
  • And a few more topics of interest for the local activist

So, please have a look, use, share and improve the page! (Non-Fellows may simply request write access to the wiki here or send me an email with the proposed changes).

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Report from last FSFE meeting in Aschaffenburg, Germany

This is going to be a condensed version of the German posting about the last Fellowship meeting in the Rhine/Main area. For the second time, we met in Aschaffenburg and we talked about the following topics:

Next time we’ll meet on Oct 1st in Frankfurt. See you there!

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