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I delayed this article, wanting to read all the books before talking about the bitter taste I got. I admit – I finished the third book from pure stubbornness and the fourth one is completely out of my motivation and interest to read. “Twilight” is the bastard you will get by mixing Jane Austin and […]

Farwell, and thanks for all the micro s#%t

The future of blogs is doomed, say the prophets from Wired. The future was in micro logging. Ughhh.

Do you really understand what those tweet entries mean? I have severe difficulties to get the point of letting know people what are you doing at the moment. Don’t even want to know that. If I […]

Alternate Fairy-Tale Endings to Take the Place of “And they lived happily ever after.”

By Sabrina Abbot, via McSweeny – – – –

And they barely tolerated each other.

And they stayed together because of the kids.

And their contempt for one another occasionally spilled over at family gatherings, prompting moments of uncomfortable silence.

And they expressed their unhappiness through passive-aggressive toilet-seat positioning.

– – – – My […]

Prof. Vladigerov and Vardar Raphsody

Today, one of the greatest Bulgarian composers was born… in Zurich. Professor Pancho Vladigerov has his 110 anniversary on this very same day. I will not talk about this extraordinary talent in memoriam, because I believe, he is still living in his beautiful music.

Maestro Vladigerov is a milestone in the history of Bulgarian […]

Happy Baba Marta

Every year, on the 1-st of March Bulgarians are giving to each other a special amulet – Martenitza. In a form of bracelet, ribbon, brooch – Martenitza is a symbol of the coming spring, and a way to wish to the others health and joy through the year. On the first of March, we […]