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The Spirit is a complete disappointment. Nothing can excuse such stupidity. Mr. Miller, your ability to make movies is an oxymoron. Read the review here.

To avoid getting into movie abstinence, I logically turned toward series and oh, Mighty God of Entertainment – my prayers got a very particular answer, with the cute face of Anna Paquin in it.
True Blood” starts with the prerequisite Japanese scientists discovered a formula for making an artificial blood for medical purposes, but the blood appeared to be a good nutrition for vampires, too. Which led to the big getting outside and all the fun afterwards.

The other breeze of freshness came from Tim Roth, brilliant as ever, playing the character of micro-expressions specialist, helping the feds in investigations. The coolest part of the episodes is when our guys are explaining the emotion they’ve just captured on a suspect’s or witness’ face, backing it up in parallel with images of politicians with exactly the same guilt or shame expression on their faces too.
Actually, the basis of these series is a serious scientific work dating back from the ’60s. It’s worth to dig deeper and a good start is this wiki article.