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Sum of all fears

This ranking is so cool, that I am directly copying it here from Ivgin’s blog (with his permission).

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Number 5

Daughter of Gaia, the Old Earth Goddess

Meet Ms. Python. The real one, not the one in the zoo. Python was a nasty dragon-like reptile feared yet revered by the old Greeks. The long snake currently named python offends to the real thing, in my opinion.

Area of expertise
The disgusting drake protected the Earth navel. (Why should you protect the navel of your mother is something which mortal humans like you and me could not and should not know.) The navel was located in Delphi Oracle, where people went to seek advice and glimpse in the future. At the time it was considered wise to protect your most important stuff against robbery and desecration with big snakes.

Current status
Dead as a doornail. Apollo raped and/or killed her, then desecrated Delphi. Snake insurance got out of fashion.

Python is one of the many dragons to be slain over the course of history. Young virile men have some kind of fetish for freshly stabbed dragons, I guess.
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Indeed, young man posses that kind of fetish, but will tell you about that some other time. Stay tuned for more monsters.