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Quick reporting in green

Sorry, I wasn’t here because I wasn’t here.

Meanwhile, some quick reporting.

Spain is still gorgeous, warm and sunny. We were staying a bit outside Madrid, in Miraflores de la Sierra. 50 km. away from the capital, this small village in the mountain is simultaneously close enough and far enough from the vortex of the capital. There is a very special place there – the usual small town drinking place, with the usual wither furniture, napkins on the floor, gambling automates and of course 2+ fellow citizens, looking like they haven’t been home last 2 days. The hidden treasure in this place is a small restaurant on the back, in which Angel, the owner, is cooking for a selected clientèle. There is always a chair sitting in front of the entrance to this part of the hall, if you are not invited, or already a member of the club, you would never go there. Angel is an excellent Chef and a pedantic host. There isn’t any menu, Angel cooks whatever he feels like (he is cooking for his friends most of the time), but everything, every spring onion, every leaf of salad, every piece of meet comes from a special garden of farm. He makes no compromises with the quality of food. When you don’t finish your meal, Anjel will ask you what the reason for this is. If you continue disrespect his food, you will loose your membership privileges, forever. He won’t serve you again. This is the kind of restaurant, I would like to have one day. Serious attitude towards food preparation requires serious attitude towards eating. This is the second year we are visiting this place, and I believe we are very close to be able to go there alone and to actually get some food.

We went to Spain not only to see our dear friends Pablo and Lidia, with who we did a marvellous 1 week motorcycle tour *Spain – Portugal – Spain* last summer, and who recently became Miguel’s happy parents. We also went for the promotion of iUnika Gyy.
Lightweighted, Gyy has a mini 8-inch screen, 128MB RAM, a 400mhz processor, up to 64GB storage. Needless to say they all run GNU Linux. The best part is that its body is composed of bioplastics and recyclable biodegradable material that was made from starch and cellulose. Gyy is also equipped with solar panels, which is making it the greenest laptop I have ever heard of.

Being on the green wave, another extremely interesting green project, the Riversimple’s Hydrogen car. As described, the project have at last two issues, which I have no chance not to love:

  • Super-lightweight vehicles, constructed from carbon composites, with network electrics managed by ultra-capacitors (so-called electric network hybrid vehicles)
  • Open source design and development. Riversimple will invite the community to help develop its vehicles.

I am happy to see how community model is invading more and more sectors, previously being seen explicitly as trade secret ones.

Trivia: It is funny how much and with passion I am talking about “green” as in the sense of environment friendly, but in fact green and brown are the colours I really hate. The earth colours. Interesting.