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Frohe Baba Marta

This year I managed to get some very nice woollen threads in red and white (from Germany!) and opened the home manufacture of Martenitsa. The result is that my family, especially the German part of it are now wearing beautiful home made Martenitsa.

Anyway, I found some more stories about Baba Marta, and I am eager to share.

I know it has been a long time since I post something here, but I’ve been busy. Very busy.

In ancient times “Matenitsa” was accepted as a ritual sign – an amulet for protection from evil spirits. Nowadays, almost all these functions are forgotten and it symbolises the coming of the spring. But even now Bulgarians believe that they will be healthy during the whole year if they wear Martenitsa in March. There is an ancient saying that “If you don’t wear your Martenitsa, Baba Marta will bring evil things to you”.

The mythical character of Baba Marta personifies the spring and the sun. According to the national belief Baba Marta is an old lady. She is an old lady and she is limp. That’s why she carries an iron stick to learn on. The national beliefs define the temperament of Baba Marta as very unstable. When she was smiling the sun was shining; when she was mad, cold weather would firm the ground. The majority of the rituals aim to make her happy and merciful.

People believe also that Baba Marta would visit only a very clean and tidy house. That’s why people clean their houses thoroughly at the end of February. Symbolically this is a spring cleaning from all bad, old and infertile stuff from the past year.
Baba Marta had specific requirements to the people she was going to meet the very first day in March. The old people didn’t go out early in the morning because they could get her mad. She liked to meet young girls and women on the first of March which meant that the weather would be warm and nice. (I also know many other people who want to meet young girls and women, but they are usually not called Baba Marta.)
Baba Marta was very favourable towards the people that wear Martenitsa. On the first of March everybody should wear Martenitsa, especially young children, just married couples or newly born domestic animals. Some of the fruit trees, the handles of the door, the vineyard also have their own Martenitsa.

So – give a Martenitsa to all your beloved creatures and have a beautiful, sunny spring.