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How to Lose Followers & Alienate Friends, on Twitter

I almost forgot to share this absolute, a must read manual. My personal favourite is No 9 auto-welcome direct messages. How about “I know you mean to be friendly, but I hope you won’t take amiss if I ask you to sod off and die?”

I think it’s time for me to start tweeting. […]

Sugar Mummies

What makes a man want to marry someone old enough to be his (grand) mother?

A British documentary about couples way outside each other’s age groups. Definitely worth watching. There is a Bulgarian imbecile called Petyo in the beginning of Part 2, there is no way not to be ashamed of. He distilled ages […]


The Spirit is a complete disappointment. Nothing can excuse such stupidity. Mr. Miller, your ability to make movies is an oxymoron. Read the review here.

To avoid getting into movie abstinence, I logically turned toward series and oh, Mighty God of Entertainment – my prayers got a very particular answer, with the cute face of […]