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Зеркало души мизантропа a.k.a. mirror of misanthrope’s soul

“I am not fat, I’m fluffy”

Manul is a small wild cat from Central Asia. It is about the size of a house cat, but unlike it, Manul is impossible to domesticate not only because of its fantastic and friendly character, but also for these wonderful creature appears to be extremely vulnerable to infections.

Manuls’ allergy towards people and life in civilisation is instantly signing the whole F. manul species to my personal category of exceptionaly wise animals. And being called “a mirror of the misanthrope’s soul” can only contribute to the overall score.

I find it especially entertaining, that such adorably fluffy creature can look at you like Dirty Harry, but I know where I am going to go next weekend – the one on the rocks is living in Zurich Zoo.