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Frohe Baba Marta

This year I managed to get some very nice woollen threads in red and white (from Germany!) and opened the home manufacture of Martenitsa. The result is that my family, especially the German part of it are now wearing beautiful home made Martenitsa.

Anyway, I found some more stories about Baba Marta, and I […]

How to Lose Followers & Alienate Friends, on Twitter

I almost forgot to share this absolute, a must read manual. My personal favourite is No 9 auto-welcome direct messages. How about “I know you mean to be friendly, but I hope you won’t take amiss if I ask you to sod off and die?”

I think it’s time for me to start tweeting. […]

Quick reporting in green

Sorry, I wasn’t here because I wasn’t here.

Meanwhile, some quick reporting.

Spain is still gorgeous, warm and sunny. We were staying a bit outside Madrid, in Miraflores de la Sierra. 50 km. away from the capital, this small village in the mountain is simultaneously close enough and far enough from the vortex of the […]

Corpses and stuff

Being home alone is always revealing my cheerful personality: today’s selection included Sweeney Todd, Nightmare before Christmas, My dying bride, and A little piece of heaven for good night. I wonder where did I get that morbid fascination from. Anyway, sweet dreams and don’t even think to misbehave.

… world!

This is going to be the place where I speak about the things, made me curious or interested… which are not going to be software topics, except if I have something to complain about. I am quite a harsh person, but fortunately a fair one. I that sense, I am going to value criticism, aimed […]