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Presents management – mission almost possible

I am completely lost when it comes to choosing presents to people I love most of all. Even being quite creative, when it comes to a special presents occasion for my husband, I can easily reach amok. I don’t like to give gadgets to any of my close friends, as for me this is a gift, lacking imagination. Of course there are exceptions (my father in law was childishly happy to get a Tom-Tom for his birthday) but for Georg, everything should be special. Very special.

So I prefer to organize some trips and outdoor activities for us, but recently the time for those is getting less and less. Unfortunately, this is leaving me with even smaller field to operate on and the need to start thinking about special occasions much in advance.
Here is what I DON’T consider a good enough present for my husband:

1. Gadgets (total lack of fantasy, just a way to get away without much effort. Besides, he is much more technical person than me, to take care of his toys alone). Exceptions: Exclusive and expensive toys, which will benefit the whole family (sports car, Canon 5D set, small yacht, etc.)
2. Clothes (Too ordinary to be a special occasion gift. Still allow exceptions if it is a luxury brand, possibly?)
3. Cosmetics
4. Jewellery (He doesn’t wear watch, and except for the wedding ring, he is not much into other decoration).

Will fill the list if I think of more restrains.

Here are some places, I draw some inspiration and ideas from at last for some things I can handmade. Please share your experience of choosing presents for your partners and friends. I am slowly starting to freak out, and Gergyovden is approaching.

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