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The Spirit is a complete disappointment. Nothing can excuse such stupidity. Mr. Miller, your ability to make movies is an oxymoron. Read the review here.

To avoid getting into movie abstinence, I logically turned toward series and oh, Mighty God of Entertainment – my prayers got a very particular answer, with the cute face of […]

Smiles from the old films

The recent series of unfortunate events starring Jaunty and my computer brought at last one good thing: I had to find alternatives ways to entertain myself. Fortunately, I am pretty good at that.

After playing some Beethoven sonatas, I decided to give up to melancholy and what would be more melancholic than old Soviet […]

In Bruges and not only

“The Pillowman”, SFUMATO, Sofia, Bulgaria

In Bruges I liked very very much. I was funny, entertaining and most importantly very natural looking, The action went so smoothly, I really believed this kind of story could happen everywhere, even in fockin’ Bruges. But to state the obvious merits of the movie is not the intent […]


I delayed this article, wanting to read all the books before talking about the bitter taste I got. I admit – I finished the third book from pure stubbornness and the fourth one is completely out of my motivation and interest to read. “Twilight” is the bastard you will get by mixing Jane Austin and […]


Some issues are very uncomfortable to talk about, and extremely difficult to make a movie out of. There is always a risk of being either too mentoring in one or the other direction, or too disgusting in the way that sensitive topic is represented.

I remembered “Kissed” while reading the Twilight saga (I will […]