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Some issues are very uncomfortable to talk about, and extremely difficult to make a movie out of. There is always a risk of being either too mentoring in one or the other direction, or too disgusting in the way that sensitive topic is represented.

I remembered “Kissed” while reading the Twilight saga (I will say something about that as soon as I finish the whole latino drama). Directed by the the canadian Lynne Stopkewich, a woman who have the guts to touch society’s nerve knots and open wounds, here she beautifully deals with a rather unpleasant matter – necrophilia.

The story is about a girl, who discovers her morbid fascination for death. She sees and feels more in dead bodies, than anyone else can.

I wonder what is making us shiver when touching a corpse, even a one of a beloved creature – is it the cold, the stiffness, or just the reminder it gives to us that one day we are going to be equally dead?

Sandra Larson is played by the indecently talented Molly Parker, who started ballet at the age of 3 and continued for 13 years, to substitute it with theatre acting. No wonder grace and beauty radiates from every move she makes on the stage.

Molly can be seen also in other dark side movies, showing perspectives in sexual morals the society usually doesn’t like to talk about. “The Center of the World” and “Suspicious River“.