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RT @kirschner Harald Welte “Why I hate phone calls so much” # Updates for 2013-01-19

RT @ga List of !Free Software options for !education published by OSS Watch !gnu !fsfe #

Started to prepare for !FOSDEM 2013 !fsfe

As I already wrote in the edu-team summary for 2012, I will be going to FOSDEM. It seems that the program is not entirely ready yet, but there are not enough education related talks for my taste. Well, on the other hand, the whole event is about educating hackers, right? 🙂

The only plain edu […] Updates for 2013-01-17

“Verso una Scuola Open” conference about !fs in !education going on in Trento, #italy Is anybody there? # Updates for 2013-01-16

Please help #golearn become more useful for #Debian !education !skolelinux !gnu # @ruiseabra I’ll arrive in Brussels on Feb 1st during the day for #FOSDEM and I am hoping for the same (meeting #fs advocates and the like) #

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What !fsfe ‘s !eduteam did in 2012: !education !gnu !skolelinux !edubuntu !kdeedu #

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24 days ago @aaronsw quoted: part of the Player Char. Code is that U don’t give up when something seems impossible. #RIP # “We live in an amazing, amazing world, and it’s wasted on the crappiest generation of spoiled idiots.” #apple # Guido Arnold is attending FOSDEM’13. #

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Edu-Team 2012 summary

After last year’s edu-team report, here is a brief summary of what the Edu-Team did in 2012. I’ve tried to keep it as short as possible at the risk that some things might not be clear. Please point me to these cases that I can explain them sufficiently.

Talks and similar activities

The edu-team members […] Updates for 2013-01-10

voted for “Debian (or Debian based)” # 2010 verbrauchten in #Deutschland IT- & Kommunikationstechnologien 11% des Gesamtstroms # Nice resource to refer to: “Consequences, risks and side-effects of !cc #NC”: !oer !cclearn !freeknowledge #

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Bern #ch is to foster !free software in administration and !education. Teachers shall get training: !gnu !fsfe #

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