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Started to prepare for !FOSDEM 2013 !fsfe

As I already wrote in the edu-team summary for 2012, I will be going to FOSDEM. It seems that the program is not entirely ready yet, but there are not enough education related talks for my taste. Well, on the other hand, the whole event is about educating hackers, right? šŸ™‚

The only plain edu thing I could find so far – and I am really looking forward to it – is:“Coding GoĆ»ter – Sharing our passion for code with our kids. A new kind of family time.” There is more info about it in English. I really like the concept of Coding GoĆ»ter. It could even combined with freedroidz as this posting shows, but doesn’t have to.

If you want to talk to me regarding Free Software in Education or the work of the edu-team, stop by the FSFE booth at FOSDEM (K building, 1st floor). I’ll be there frequently and somebody there will have my number.

I am looking forward to see you all (again) at FOSDEM! šŸ™‚