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Euro2012 in Free Software quarter final: Italy vs. Iceland

Today’s match in the EURO2012 is Italy vs. Iceland. Here is what we have in the wiki:

Iceland: public administration (1 entry) and education (3 entries)

Italy: public administration (18 entires)  and education 6 entries)

Looks easy at the first glance, but it’s not. The one entry for Iceland weighs a lot. It mentions a nationwide policy on Free Software that is worth reading (only 5 pages). The wording of the 1st point is somewhat weak, but the policy as a whole shows clearly that the government understood the importance of Free Software and open standards as well as the freedoms and benefits that come with them.

But according to what I heard at last FSCONS, they seem to walk their talk as well and the three entries in education back this up. Looking at the population of both countries 300.000 vs. 60.000.000, it is also clear that there can’t be that many news coming from that island. Most of the entries in Italy mention the region of Bolzano which has only a third of the population Iceland has. We judge whole countries here and not some selected parts.  In other words I voted 5:4 for Iceland. Feel free to comment if you disagree or to express your agreement as usual.

099 gnuckx Giardini Naxos-Messina-Sicilia-Italy-castielli_CC0_HQ

Giardini Naxos-Messina-Sicilia (cc0 by gnuckx)