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Euro2012 in Free Software quarter final: France vs. Germany

As I wrote in the last posting, the coming matches are indeed tough. When I wrote that, I thought that at least this particular match is one of the easier ones to decide on. I was wrong. I was almost certain that Germany has no chance against France, but at least to me,the data in the wiki shows  more in favor to Germany than France¹.

See yourself:

Germany: public administration and education

France: public administration and education

So, I decide on a 4:3

Being a German myself and still very disappointed about the move of the Ministry of foreign affairs back to proprietary software, I don’t feel comfortable to grant Germany the entrance to the semi final and would love to hear more opinions on that, here in the comments, per mail or

¹ so, I WAS right when I thought this match is one of the easier ones, it just turned out the opposite way than I expected.