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EURO2012 in Free Software quarter final: Russia vs. Spain

One more result in our EURO2012 in Free Software. It doesn’t get any easier to come to a comclusion. See what data we’ve gathered in the wiki:

Russia: public administration and education

Spain: public administration and education

If the first thing you read is this blog post by Glyn Moody, you may be tempted to ask no more questions and grant Russia the entrance to the semifinal. Spain has a lot of regions and municipalities who switched to Free Software and the Free Software usage in education is also very popular, but migrating all public administrations and all schools certainly tops that. The problem I see here however, is that we have not much data about what actually has happened in Russia. Does anybody know?

Looking at the data we do have at hand, e.g. this detailed report (pdf, 150 pages) by CENATIC, Spain already accomplished a lot. And as we know from other countries, big plans don’t necessarily have to turn out big at the end. So, I decide 2:3 for Spain. If Russia indeed will implement its great plans, I shall decide otherwise in 2016.

Russia sells itself to whomever pays more! (cc-by 2.0 by FreedomHouse)

Russia sells itself to whomever pays more! (cc-by 2.0 by FreedomHouse)


As a side note: Software freedom is not the only freedom I would like to see in the world.