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Please help #golearn become more useful for #Debian !education !skolelinux !gnu # @ruiseabra I’ll arrive in Brussels on Feb 1st during the day for #FOSDEM and I am hoping for the same (meeting #fs advocates and the like) #

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Edu-Team 2012 summary

After last year’s edu-team report, here is a brief summary of what the Edu-Team did in 2012. I’ve tried to keep it as short as possible at the risk that some things might not be clear. Please point me to these cases that I can explain them sufficiently.

Talks and similar activities

The edu-team members […]

Skolelinux pilot in Rhineland Palatinate – Lessons learned

Last FrOSCon, Kurt Gramlich, leader of the German part of the Skolelinux project, gave a brief overview on the Skolelinux pilot in Rhineland Palatinate. What happened after the first euphoria and listed reasons why the pilot may be considered a failure.

It was a very entertaining and informative talk. I learned quite a bit and […]

EURO2012 in Free Software quarter final: Norway vs. Estonia

The last quarter final in our EURO2012 in Free Software. Here is the data we’ve gathered in the wiki:

Norway: public administration and education

Estonia: public administration and unfortunately no data regarding education

Did you follow the links? Can it be any more difficult than that? So, we have on Norways side:

Obligatory IT standards […]