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Report of latest Fellowship meeting in Frankfurt

Last Wednesday, we  met again in Frankfurt. As on the meetings in Mainz and Friedberg , the “Deutsche Bahn” obstructed this meeting as well as no ICs and ICEs were stopping at the main rail station…

As the first round is done, we decided to continue with this procedure but wanted to visit different cities this time.

So this is what we came up with for the remainder of the year:

  • April 2nd: again in Frankfurt
  • May 7th: Wiesbaden
  • June 4th: Frankfurt
  • July 2nd: Bad Homburg. Thomas may organize a nice location for us!
  • August 6th: Frankfurt
  • September 3rd: we’ll go east, but haven’t decided on the city yet. Options are Hanau, Seligenstadt and maybe Aschaffenburg again? You can cast your vote at a Dudle page although the descision will be made on the  mailinglist.
  • Oktober 1st: Frankfurt
  • November 5th: (remember, remember,…)  Mannheim
  • Dezember 3rd: Frankfurt

I’ll try to gather the missing info, exact location, etc until the next meeting in April so we can advertise them a little bit.

Speaking of advertising, Thomas and I would like to work on Ticket #451 and probably combine the efforts to publish the events on the page of the UserGroups Rhein/Main.

As none of us will be able to spend the necessary time for a successfull event, we’ll have to cancel our planned participation of this years Document Freedom Day 🙁

We will show up at the upcomming Cryptoparty in Frankfurt on March 22nd though.

There were of course other different topics we discussed. Unfortunately, I was rather lazy with my notes so I can only refer to and mutt-kz.

Well, see you again on the next Cryptoparty or on April 2nd the latest! 🙂