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Free Software in Education NEWS – November

Here’s what I collected in November. If you come across anything that might be worth mentioning in this series, please drop me a note or, even better: drop it on the edu-eu mailinglist!


We, and most of all Kevein, are still working behind the scenes on the NLedu campaign.

The German Open Source Business Alliance (OSBA) published a whitepaper on Free Software in education (German) Sebastian already wrote a quick review about it.

Alejandra reports that the  University Rey Juan Carlos  who offers an Software Libre master degree is looking for open communities to collaborate with them. As part of the master their students have to contribute with a Free Software community so they are willing to have communities that could offer activities to the students so they learn about Free Software.


Richard Stallman spoke at Universidad Carlos III (Madrid, Spain) in December on why schools need to ensure that the software will be free to teach.

Framablog: How Microsoft fancies education in France (or something like that. My French went from bad to worse. Je suis désolé.) Actual title L’école selon Microsoft : comment j’ai appris à ne plus m’en faire et à aimer l’éducation privatrice et fermée

Apropos speaking French: This is supposed to be edu related, but I didn’t manage to grasp much and stopped listening to this podcast after 20 minutes: Le RDV Tech #121 – Spécial éducation. The shownotes mention and so I suspect it’s justified to mention it here without having an actual clue 🙂

Essay on how to “Prepare students for a rapidly changing world by teaching with open source

A Free Software in education workshop took place in Zaragoza, Spain

Audrey Watters looks at the tablet market in schools

Open hardware for education with littleBits library of electronic modules The circuits are licensed under the CERN Open Hardware License Version 1.2. and available on github

How to train college students to contribute to the Linux kernel (by Luis Ibanez) Teaser: The key is to start with very easy patches just to get used to git and the like.

Polish case study: Free Software faster and cheaper.


Spain’s Galicia to research open source-cloud use in schools

quite long article on the Free Software situation in UK, which also covers education in one paragraph (Search for “School monopoly”).

Edu Software

What Is New for KTouch in KDE SC 4.12

Interview about SALSA (Styled & Accessible Learning Service Agreements)

Sylvain wrote (in French) about Sketcholt, a web whiteboard for schools.

Another sugar digest by Walter Bender

SUGAR activity report in Spanish (as far as I could understand)

Upcoming events

As always, if you have any info on news or events that might be of interest to Free Software activists in education, please let me know or dump it on the edu-eu mailing list!